That Capitalist Trap

It seems like the capitalist powers that be rack up big time in the lead up to Christmas, during the Christmas period and well into the new year. For up to four months before the actual big day we are bombarded by Christmas advertising online and on TV. Additionally, we are faced with the onslaught of Christmas carols, decorations and photos with Santa in every shopping complex across the western capitalist empire.

We are then encouraged to overindulge from Christmas even right through to the new year on a wide variety of hedonistic treats- pudding, chocolates, alcohol, roast meats and anything else we can lay our hands on.

This often leads to a self critical spiral of shame and self loathing when the new year begins, and we start the frenzied hunt for a suitable gym membership to shed those ghastly Christmas pounds. We vow that this year will be different, this year we will attend that spin class three times a week without exception.




When we inevitably ‘fail’ to live up to our new years resolutions, we spiral once more into a viscious cycle of self imposed shame and self deprication. This is especially the case when we realise how much money we have wasted on pricey boutique gym memberships that we never use, pottery classes that we fail to attend and cooking classes that we largely neglect.

The continual bombardment of advertisement we recieve on a daily basis only serves to reinforce the message that we are not good enough as we are and that we ‘need’ something external to ourselves to be worthy of love, recognition and financial abundance. Thus we beat ourselves up even more for not living up to a socially sanctioned set of standards that is almost impossible to achieve.

Of course there are always ways that we can improve ourselves – life is a continuous journey of self discovery and improvement.. But we are taught from an early age that we must achieve things in the physical material world – jobs, education, money and relationships in order to be considered accomplished and successful.


worthy of love

The reality is very much the opposite. The more we focus purely on the achievement of these external sources of ‘success’, the more we are sending the signal out into the universe that we will never be good enough, and this is what we continue to attract and manifest. The universe does not punish or reward us for our thoughts, actions and behaviours. It simply reflects back to us that which we are from the inside in our external physical environment.

The only true way to reach that goal of internal fulfilment is to realise first and foremost that in our true divine nature, we are already good enough. To return to our authentic humanity we must shed that which doesn’t serve us- our wounds, fears, social conditioning and illusions. At our very core, we are pure love. In our very essence, we are powerful and beautiful beyond all measure.



3 thoughts on “That Capitalist Trap”

  1. I certainly agree with you about people not connecting to life but glued to their phones. We are becoming less human, more machine. And little babies and children are groomed to watch the screen. Frightening indeed. Great blog. Enjoy it.

    1. Thank you Cally! Yes it is a bit frightening, but I am a firm believer in awareness being the key to initiate positive change.

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