Terrifyingly Amazing

If I were asked to describe my awakening journey in two words I would say terrifyingly amazing. It’s been an incredible journey filled with peaks and valleys, highs and lows, wondrous epiphanies, painful dark nights and everything else in between. There have been times where I have wanted to do away with it all and step back into a ‘simpler’ version of reality. I wanted to forget about this whole darn thing. But I can’t. I have taken the blue pill and there is no takesies backsies.

This journey has taught me that there is no right or wrong, and that everything has an upside no matter how hopeless or shitty it may seem on the surface. Our society is built upon ‘either or’ thinking. It thrives on competition, a dog eat dog mentality, conflict, resentment and a separation consciousness.  It is this type of mindset that is keeping a lot of us stuck going around in circles, attempting to control the outcome rather than accepting the duality,  seeing the blessings and allowing things to unfold naturally.




It’s hard for the human ego to hold this duality in mind and accept it without experiencing a lot of discomfort. The ego wants to streamline everything, make it simple, black and white. My own ego has certainly struggled with this concept.   A recent situation at work had me baffled. I landed a job in an organisation that I love and have wanted to work at for years. I had hoped it would run smoothly, but instead I experienced challenge after challenge. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why this was happening despite all the work I had done to heal my own inner demons.

Then the penny dropped. I realised that the tension of opposites was at play here, and that I had a choice. I could drive myself nuts flip flopping from seeing the ‘good’ to seeing the ‘bad’ and wanting to place blame on someone or something. Alternatively I could accept that this tension of opposites could happily co-exist and that it was there to teach me this very lesson. In layman’s terms, swings and roundabouts – take the good with the bad, the bad with the good, accept it all without judgement and see the lesson.


There is no consciousness without discrimination of opposites.

-Carl Jung


What a relief it is to put down one’s combat sword and just allow things to happen without ending up with a severe case of analysis paralysis from over thinking.  I’ve realised that when you come from a place of accepting the tension of opposites and learning the lesson, you simply can’t fail. The notion of failure itself is a black and white concept that has no place in this higher realm of understanding. There is always something to be learnt from everything we encounter despite it’s outward appearance.

I encourage you to re-examine those areas of your life that you may have deemed as purely negative, and really take an honest look at where the tension of opposites might lie. Has there been some valuable learning or opportunity in the situation that you may have overlooked due to being triggered by past events? Despite hardship and struggles, beauty really does lie in the tension of opposites, and it provides an opportunity to embrace all that life has to offer from a place of soul growth, gratitude and unconditional acceptance.



4 thoughts on “Terrifyingly Amazing”

  1. Well done. Sounds as though you have discovered much about yourself. The journey to self discovery can be hard work. It is exciting when we discover hidden jigsaw puzzle bits of ourselves.

    1. Thanks Cally, it has indeed been hard work but yes very exciting at the same time. Ah the duality! xx

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