I Love You But Please Stay Away: A message from the divine feminine to the distorted masculine

Dear Distorted Masculine,

I love who you as your authentic self, in your divine masculinity: an exquisite balance of kind tender hearted vulnerability and positive decisive action. You are my protector, and it is through your protection that I am free to walk the Earth unharmed so I can spread my light and inspiration to everyone around me.

I accept who you are in your current distorted state and I still love you in spite of it, but that doesn’t mean I want to be around you. I don’t want to deal with your control, manipulation, betrayal and deceit. When you are in these energies, I feel you can be very unkind. You need to learn that asserting control over someone is not love. Neither is withholding affection, honesty, attempting to make me jealous, shutting me out or saying nasty things.

I know you are hurting and dealing with deep core wounds that are very difficult to work through. I have compassion for you at this time because I have also been through this deep dark pain on my own healing journey. However, this is a path you need to walk alone until you can stand confident and tall in your own healthy masculinity. There are no short cuts on this journey, and I will never be your emotional punching bag.

I’m not trying to demonise you or to put myself on a pedestal by writing these words. I have engaged in my fair share of distorted feminine behaviour on this path. But I have healed my core wounds now, and although I still have my ups and downs, I stand tall and proud in the energy of an empress.

This is why I can’t be with you at this time. There is an energetic mismatch between us – divine feminine and distorted masculine does not make a true sacred union. We can only make this work when we have both surrendered our ego and there is nothing but love between us. That is how we come together, in true unconditional love for each other and the world around us. When we are both ready we can come together to fulfil our soul mission together, as one.

So please, my distorted masculine stay away from me until you are a king who can treat me like an empress. I love you so much, my distorted masculine, but I need you to know that if it ever comes down to a choice of me or you, I choose myself every time.

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