Toilet Paper and Terror: Humanity’s Dark Night of the Soul

It’s easy to get caught up in the collective panic and general air of malaise in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. As has already been highlighted, the current health crisis has shone a very bright spotlight on the collective ‘lack’ mentality predicated on fear and competition. This mentality has manifested in mass hoarding behaviours resulting in empty supermarket shelves and an uneven distribution of toilet paper.

It has revealed humanity’s collective shadow side which can only really be described as selfish and ugly. I certainly don’t intend to judge, punish or criticise anyone by writing these words. This is a collective mentality which suggests that it does not derive from individual dysfunction and greed, but from a society that teaches us that we never have enough material things, and that it’s every man and woman for themselves.

This is a mentality that has been rampant for a long time, particularly in the West, and it has caused a lot of dis ease, conflict, unhappiness and suffering. Our true nature is not based on fear, competition and greed, but on radical acceptance, unconditional love, courage, creativity and kindness. Who we are at a soul level has been covered up by centuries of patriarchal and political oppression resulting in trauma, conflict, wars, environmental degradation, unhappiness and damaging behaviour.

Whilst we are all connected by a vast web of collective human consciousness, every human being is an individual who is ultimately responsible for their own wellbeing and happiness. It is only when we have come to a place of relative happiness and wholeness within that we can contribute positively to the collective.

You may ask, “how do we heal and evolve from the damage we have inflicted on ourselves and the Earth? It seems impossible, we are too far gone!” You may feel that ascending as a planet into a higher level of collective consciousness is so far out of reach and that rebuilding a world based on altruism, respect for our Earth Mother and kindness towards all living things is a shitty pipe dream, which drifts further and further out of reach with every new crisis: climate change, the recent bushfires in Australia, and now the global Coronavirus pandemic.

When you look at it at face value, this is exactly how it appears. However, when you look at it from a spiritual perspective, what is happening now makes complete and total sense. In order for us to change from the inside out, we must first recognise and acknowledge where we are creating damage. What better way to continue to wipe out oppressive and outdated systems predicated on dysfunctional levels of ego and pride than to introduce a global health crisis that forces us to turn away from our systemic oppression and find peace, kindness, compassion and humble solidarity within.

The COVID- 19 global pandemic is just the catalyst for our collective ‘dark night of the soul‘ or the chrysalis, as beautifully described below:

We are entering the chrysalis. There’s no instruction manual for what happens next. But we can learn some things from observing nature (thank you Megan Toben for some of this biological info). For one thing, the chrysalis stage is preceded by a feeding frenzy in which the caterpillar massively overconsumes (sound familiar? We’ve been there for decades). Then its tissues melt into a virtually undifferentiated goo. What remain separate are so-called imaginal cells, which link together and become the template from which the goo reorganizes itself into a butterfly.

Jonathan Hadas Edwards & Julia Hartsell, 2020

Once we emerge from the chrysalis, (and even whilst inside it) we have the opportunity to rise like the Pheonix from the ashes, reborn and ready to do things differently. To live and strive as a collective in alignment with our soul consciousness predicated on all the good things our world is so desperately in need of.

So put this time of social isolation to good use. Instead of getting caught up in collective fear, anxiety and panic, reflect on your own inner space and what you can do to raise your vibrational frequency. We can all contribute positively to the collective human consciousness, and help save this beautiful big old round spinning ball we call home.

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