Twin Flames: The Power of Intuition, Finding Balance & Waiting vs Holding Space

In this article, I will be talking about the importance of intuition on the twin flame journey, the difference between the ‘3D’ and the ‘5D,’ and the consequences for confusing the two. I will also be covering what it means to find a healthy balance between the physical and the metaphysical, and the subtle but important distinction between ‘waiting’ versus ‘holding space.’

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

If you are the twin carrying more of the feminine energy (embodied by either by biological male or female), then you will probably be well aware that one of the main tasks required of you is to “surrender” and “let go” of your twin flame instead of holding onto them so tightly and expecting a romantic outcome.

There are a lot of articles and Youtube videos that talk about this, so it’s not like there is a lack of information on the subject. However, I feel like a lot of these messages get misunderstood, partly because they are conveyed through ‘fluffy’ spiritual language that sounds great on paper, but is very hard to grasp from an intellectual level.

This is exactly where the paradox lies, because the concepts of ‘surrendering’ ‘letting go’ and ‘holding space’ are by nature very intuitive, and therefore hard to convey in words. I suspect that this is the reason why most of these resources use ‘fluffy’ spiritual language in the first place. These concepts are hard to describe on an intellectual level, and it’s not until you FEEL them on a deep intuitive level that you truly get what they are banging on about.

However, the problem here is that until you have been on the journey for some time, and you are in tune with your intuition to a certain degree, you will most likely be trying to understand these concepts from an intellectual perspective, and continuously feeling confused when these concepts just don’t seem to make sense or resonate on a deeper level.

Some twins are naturally more intuitive than others and don’t need to spend as much time developing and learning to trust their innate intuitive powers. However, for the majority of feminine twins, it takes time, tough love lessons, and emotional growth to fully accept and nurture their intuitive powers, myself included. It’s only in the last six months that I’ve really come to understand just how intuitive I am on a very deep level, and to fully open up to it and trust it completely.

I’m certainly not attempting to shame anyone for not being as in tune with their intuition as others- I would be berating myself if this were the case. The lack of trust and faith in our intuition as super badass feminine warriors is very much a product of the outdated patriarchal paradigm we are working so hard as twins to help humanity overcome.

The importance and power of the feminine power of intuition and what an amazing gift it is to humanity has been diminished for centuries in favour of predominately masculine strengths around logic and reason. Unfortunately, this has caused a lot of feminines to deny and doubt their intuitive gifts. The truth is that neither intuition nor logic and reason is more important than the other. They are both have an equally important part to play in healing and advancing humanity in a plethora of positive ways.

Learning to Balance the 5D and the 3D

As a feminine twin flame, one of your major tasks is to learn how to successfully navigate and balance the physical reality with the metaphysical. In a lot of twin flame resources, these two worlds are often referred to as the ‘3D’ (the physical world around us which we can physically touch, taste, feel and see) and the ‘5D’ (the world we can only sense and feel intuitively with our third eye). So, at any one time, we need to find a balance between these two worlds.

 We need to learn to strike a healthy balance between these two worlds. This is a large part of our mission as spiritual beings on the twin flame path- we are here to bring down the visions and guidance we receive through our intuition onto Earth to make them a physical reality.

This is what it means when you read that the twin flame mission is about ‘bringing heaven down to Earth.’ To do this, we need to get the balance between our physical world and intuition right. If you get bogged down in the 3D drama with your twin, it can result in endless cycles of conflict and loss.

However, if you get fixated on the 5D, you can become very ungrounded and easily get stuck in fantasy land. This often results in feminine twins becoming very disillusioned when the physical reality with her twin doesn’t measure up to what she can see and sense in the 5D.

A good example of this is when ‘she’ can intuitively see her masculine’s higher self in his full divine masculine power – strong and stable with just the perfect amount of vulnerability. She gets confused and projects this vision onto her physical masculine, and gets a huge shock when she reaches out to him only to be ignored, dismissed, or spoken to with harsh words. This is because he hasn’t yet risen into his highest potential which she can feel and sense so strongly through her third eye. Some feminines can get stuck in this cycle for years, and it can cause a lot of extra pain and heartache.

To sum up, the first thing here is for the feminine twin to become fully aware that she has this unique intuitive ability, and to learn to trust it, which is often one of the hardest soul lessons she is faced with. Trust me, the universe will keep testing you on this one over and over until you finally give in and decide to trust your intuition for good, instead of continually going back and forth between moments of faith and doubt. These are the times where you find yourself desperately scouring social media for physical proof that your feelings about your twin are reciprocated, and that you’re not just a basket case.

The second is for her is to recognise that the higher self version of her masculine that she is feeling and sensing is probably not an accurate representation of where he is at in the physical. Unless you are seeing concrete physical proof that ‘he’ is embodying his divine masculinity, then it is probably safe to say that he is not there yet. I have made this mistake many times on my journey only to become confused and bitterly disappointed upon realising that my physical twin was not matching up to what I could see with my third eye.

Waiting vs Holding Space

Before I go any further, I think it’s really important to note that there are no quick fixes on the twin flame journey. If you’ve been on the path for awhile, you’ve probably heard this said before and rolled your eyes, I know I certainly have!

Despite the annoyance, it is one of the most important truths to fully accept and understand on the journey, or you will just end up banging your head against a brick wall over and over again in sheer frustration. It’s better to just bite the bullet and spare yourself the agony by accepting that there is no such thing as instant gratification on the twin flame path. If you feel that you can’t accept it, you may just be better off walking away and finding a soulmate. Sorry to be super direct, but it is the truth!

There can be a tendency for feminine twins, in particular, to be in a kind of waiting energy hoping that their masculine will finally wake up, recognise the significance of the connection and charge towards her proclaiming his undying love and promising to be loving and committed until the end of time.

She prizes this above everything else in her life, even if she is not consciously aware of it, which results in her putting some or all plans on hold until her masculine commits to her. This is the very definition of waiting on the twin flame path, and it’s what ultimately ends in frustration, bitterness, pain, and disappointment for the feminine twin.

Again, I’m certainly not judging- we’ve all been there, myself included! It’s also important to note that not you can be out there living your life and ‘getting on with things’ while there is still a part of you that is waiting. It’s all about energy, and if there is the slightest bit of waiting energy in your system, the universe and your divine counterpart will sniff it out. There is no hiding on the journey, as much as we would all like to think so at times.

Holding space on the other hand is not putting yourself on hold to wait for your twin in any way, whether that be physically, emotionally, psychologically, or energetically. It involves charging ahead with your own life and taking action to reach your own goals, developing yourself, growing spiritually, etc.

It doesn’t mean going to the opposite extreme and completely cutting them off and moving on because you literally can’t do this in a twin flame connection. No matter how many times you try and do this, you will always be magnetically drawn back to them, even if you don’t want to be.

Holding space means holding them in your heart and having a love for them but not waiting around for them, expecting them to behave in a certain way for you to love them. However, this doesn’t mean you should put up with bad behaviour either. If they are treating you unfairly, you must firmly and respectfully put up boundaries and gain the courage to walk away. You can still love them for afar without physically being in their love or taking any action towards them.

To do this effectively, you need to be at a point where you have worked on letting go of your unhealthy attachment to your twin. It’s this attachment that can keep you stuck in unhelpful black and white thinking patterns – “should I stay or just cut them off completely?” In Layman’s terms, it’s kind of like that feeling when you have spent some time healing after a difficult relationship breakup, and you suddenly realise you have moved on and that you feel neutral about your ex, but you also can reflect positively on what you learnt from the relationship.

It’s also important to note that letting go of attachment is not a one-time thing. There are often layers of attachment to work through. The universe will never make you tackle it all at once as this would be too overwhelming. Sometimes you will be assisted by the lunar cycles to release old pain – full moons are often a huge time of emotional release for a lot of twins, so it’s often not something you have to try and do on your own. It can be really hard to access old repressed pain without some sort of help, so the divine often steps in in this way to help bring it up to the surface so you can purge it.

There will be times that you need to make the very conscious choice to focus on yourself and keep moving on your path no matter what. These are usually times that you feel really fixated on your twin and stuck around how to move forward. It’s important to set the intention for the get-go that you are going to make the journey about your healing and your empowerment instead of about trying to get together with your twin. If it’s meant to be, it will be. In the meantime, you have a life to live and things to do so it’s best to get busy with that and mean it rather than just doing it to attract your twin.

At the same time, you must make room in your life to do your spiritual and emotional work. You can’t expect to become more spiritually enlightened and shed layers of unhealthy attachment if you are too busy with work or distracting yourself with other things. Yes, career and work are important, but your spiritual work is just as important, and I would even argue more important, depending on where you are in your journey.

You also can’t expect anything to happen if you just spend your time doing visualisations and meditating. Whilst these things are important for manifestation and to look within for answers, it won’t result in much if you don’t take any inspired action to make your goals and dreams come into fruition.

So again, it’s a balancing act. Like most things on the spiritual path, multiple truths are happening simultaneously, and they are all as valid as each other. We must learn to get our head around this and learn to balance on this tightrope as twin flames. A large part of the work we do is breaking free from the black and white ways of thinking and operating in the world.

Ultimately, the journey particularly for the feminine twin is about rising into her full power very much like the Pheonix rising from the ashes. She is a superwoman badass supreme. She is magnetic, strong, courageous, fierce, compassionate, creative, empathetic, determined, and extremely beautiful on a very deep soul level.

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