The Many Layers of the Twin Flame Journey: Part 1

As I move further and further along my twin flame path, I’m becoming more and more aware of the many intricate layers the journey has to offer. It is indeed a multi-layered and complex interplay between the 5D (the unseen or metaphysical world) and the 3D (the physical Earthly world that we physically inhabit and can see with our naked human eyes).

There are too many complexities to be covered in one article and do them all-sufficient justice. So with this in mind, I will be only be covering two in this piece. Stay tuned for future articles as I will continue exploring all of these complexities to provide clarity and support for anyone struggling to understand why certain things are happening on their twin flame path.

Playing out Old Scripts

One of the major things I’ve learned about the journey is that twin flames are here to heal and release old negative templates and scripts particularly in regards to how men and women (or masculine and feminine energy) interact with each other. To successfully do this, twins need to embody and play out these scripts as part of their physical reality to transcend them and replace them with unconditional love and radical acceptance.

Several old templates are repeatedly played out. For those who embody more of the feminine energy (often embodied by a biological female, but not always) this relates to deep-seated core wounds around feeling disregarded by the masculine, feeling like a perpetual victim and thus feelings of resentment and anger towards men and those carrying more of the masculine energy.

We can see this play out particularly in intimate relationships where the feminine counterpart often complains that her masculine counterpart routinely ignores her, is insensitive to her feelings, dismisses her attempts to connect more meaningfully with him, and so on. This pattern occurs at varying degrees for different people according to their circumstances, but it’s a fairly consistent pattern across the globe.

For those carrying the masculine energy (often embodied by a biological male but not always), there is a common template or stereotype in which “he” feels trapped by the feminine, bound by her expectations that he feels he is unable to meet. His ego tells him to be selfish and disregard her needs, which only leads him to feel guilt and regret for his resulting actions in the long run.

This distorted script in which the feminine is associated with victimhood and the masculine is associated with persecution that has been repeated over and over throughout human history and is still being enacted in a variety of different interpersonal relationships and collective contexts to this day.

This kind of pattern is often played out between the masculine and feminine in twin flame connections with the sole purpose of transmuting and transcending it for good. The divine universal plan is for twin flames strategically placed around the globe to work through these distorted templates by reenacting them so they can then teach others about the power of unconditional love. Such a beautiful vision when you think about it. Of course, re-enacting these patterns in your dynamic is often no picnic, but when you can take a step back and look at the grand plan, it’s very humbling important work.

The Feminine Leads into the Abyss

Another major aspect of the twin flame journey that is often misunderstood or ignored is that the feminine energy is the leader in the connection. This is because “she” is more connected to her intuition and to therefore to divine energy (eg spirit, God, or however you choose to identify it). Therefore it is her role in the connection to take the initial leap of faith into the unknown using nothing but her intuition and perhaps some spiritual guidance from coaches, healers, or twin flame readers.

This can often be quite scary and daunting, as there is no roadmap, it is mostly a huge exercise in re-inventing the wheel so to speak. She needs to find the courage within to be the fearless leader and do whatever she needs to do to move forward on her ascension journey rather than getting stuck in an endless loop of chasing her masculine counterpart and beating against a door that is likely only partly open if not completely slammed shut.

In Layman’s terms, this means that the feminine has to find the strength within herself to walk away from her masculine if needs be, with the knowledge and the faith that the connection she shares with her counterpart is eternal and is never going to dissipate even if there is no physical contact in the material world. She needs to shine the spotlight in the dark first for herself, but also her masculine as the feminine energy is designed for this very purpose.

This often means she has to break through her gendered conditioning and refocus her time and energy back onto herself rather than looking to her masculine to take this lead. This is just not the way it works, and there are many feminine twins (myself included) who have at times given away their innate power by sitting around waiting for their masculine counterpart to take up the reins and navigate the way forward through the unknown.

Unfortunately, if you do this as a feminine twin for any length of time, it just means that you will likely get stuck in a rut in your own life and the connection with your counterpart. Trust me, I’ve been there myself on more than one occasion. This journey is expertly designed to bring out your inner badass divine goddess warrior biatch so that you can transcend all of the outdated paradigms that truly can become the heroine and creator of your own dream life rather than waiting on anyone (especially your masculine) to do it for you.

So there you have it, two very significant elements that are uniquely characteristic of the twin flame journey in all its complexity. I hope this article has helped to provide some clarity on your journey, especially if you find yourself in a state of utter bewilderment scratching your head at the whole thing and thinking, ‘what the hell is this shit all about??”

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will be discussing how the feminine can often transmute negative energies for the masculine, and the role that the masculine plays in the connection and with his feminine to help her rise into her full strength and power.

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