Who Can I Trust? The Search for Answers on the Twin Flame Path

Many twin flames report a sense of frustration on the quest to find help and support on the journey. It seems that the hunt to find reliable, trustworthy, and credible information can often trigger anger and confusion amongst the collective. Many a twin flame has found themselves scratching their head in bewilderment at what to believe and who to listen to, especially when it comes to the twin flame tarot readers, many of whom appear to channel a different collective every week.

Along with the tarot readers, there is an array of services available including quantum healing, twin flame coaching, akashic records healing, and reiki and emotional release sessions. Some healers recommend doing as many as possible whilst others encourage us to be selective and go with our intuition around what feels right.

On top of this, there are a few examples of truly questionable twin flame groups that appear to hold a cult-like quality. This is always a confronting and scary scenario because cults pray on some of the most vulnerable people in society, and misuse power to gain control, money, and status often at the expense of their member’s safety. Let’s face it, twin flames are often in a vulnerable state and may be willing to do almost anything to stop the pain and confusion.

With all of this going on, it’s not surprising that a lot of twins are feeling all kinds of pissed off at the twin flame industry. Cults aside there is no doubt that there are some twin flame healers, readers, and coaches whose primary objective is making money above all else. However, I do feel that the majority are coming from a genuine place of wanting to be of service.

There is still the notion in the spiritual community that if you help people you shouldn’t profit from it. This belongs to the old paradigm way of thinking which creates a divide between profit and being of service. Eg. you are either a ‘spiritual’ person who helps people from the goodness of your heart, or you are a greedy capitalist who just wants to rip people off. As twin flames, we are here to break down these binary categories that only serve to reinforce judgment and hierarchy.

As mentioned above, one of the main frustrations for twins is difficulty finding consistent and reliable support and information to help navigate the path. This is understandable as it is a very unique, confusing, and often painful journey that completely challenges our core beliefs and preconceived notions about love and life. It is no wonder that there is sometimes a lot of despair, anger, and frustration for twins, myself included. I am certainly not immune and have experienced my fair share of it.

However, it is this very anger and confusion felt by the collective that is reflecting one of the major spiritual lessons of the journey. Much like the helping people versus making a profit paradigm explored above, it is exposing one of our biggest old school beliefs around looking to authority figures for guidance and answers rather than tuning into our intuition. We have been conditioned from a young age to listen to, follow, and even sometimes obey the authority figures in our lives – parents, teachers, police officers, government officials, and so on.

In this way, our god-given power has been taken away from us often without our conscious awareness. This is the insidious nature of our cultural and societal conditioning- we have been brainwashed in so many subtle ways from the moment of birth throughout our human lifespan. It is little wonder then that we have lost faith in our intuition, or we have just forgotten how to tune into it. This is the sad reality- whatever you don’t use, you lose. Much like we lose our fitness if we don’t work out regularly. The more our intuition lies dormant, the more we become estranged from it.

It is little wonder that in this state of estrangement we become narky with the twin flame industry for failing to give us the answers we think we need to understand the journey, control it, and put it in a nice little neat box. Twin flame coaches, healers, and readers are sometimes criticized for a variety of things including telling lies about the journey, not providing enough clarity, not offering the right kinds of services, charging too much for services, and so on. Whilst these things may be true in some cases it can sometimes be a case of misplaced aggression from the consumer.

Despite a few bad eggs, I believe the majority of twin flame healers, coaches, and readers have pure intentions and are trying their best with their own unique capacity. There is certainly a place for professional help on the twin flame path, especially when you are experiencing upheavals, or when you are feeling stuck and you are not sure how to move forward. I’m also not just saying this because I happen to be a twin flame coach. I have worked with several twin flame healers and coaches myself who have very helpful, apart from the rare exception.

I also feel that the type of experience you have is partly dependent on your frame of mind at the time of help-seeking. If you are in a somewhat impulsive and desperate state, you are more likely to choose someone that offers ‘same day’ or emergency support. In my experience, these are often the types of services that are looking to make a quick buck from vulnerable people rather than having your best interest in mind.

The reality is that you aren’t going find one healer, coach, or reader that has all the insight and support you may be looking for. At the same time, it is likely that all of the information you seek is out there. If you look far and wide enough, you will likely find it but you will probably need to work with a variety of different healers, coaches, and readers throughout your journey.

It is also a natural part of the process that you may work with a particular healer or follow a specific reader only to find that you no longer resonate with them further down the track. There will always be someone to take their place, and this is both a blessing and a curse on the journey. It’s important to utilise help if you are really struggling, but it’s equally as important to not become dependent on it when you could be using your internal guidance system. It is easy to become lazy and form an addiction to external guidance.

Like most things on the path, the onus comes back on us to temper our ego and find a healthy balance. As twin flames, we are here to overcome and shed our limiting conditioning, false beliefs, and past baggage/emotional wounding. Sometimes this may involve the help of a skilled professional and other times we may need to find our own way through the storm of uncertainty and confusion.

The most important thing is to learn to listen to and trust your intuition- she is your trusted guide and a testament to just how amazing and powerful you really are.

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