Why We Can’t Save our Twin Flame

It’s pretty common on the twin flame path for the feminine twin (often a biological female but not always) to try and step in and help her masculine (often a biological male but not always). She may witness him struggling with challenging circumstances in his life that are only serving to drag him down, but he doesn’t seem able or willing to do anything to help himself.

One of the main reasons that the desire to help is more prevalent for the feminine twin is that the divine feminine energy is associated with nurturance and support, particularly within the context of an intimate connection or relationship. She often experiences pain watching anyone she truly cares about struggling, and she has a deep desire to lend support and be of service. These are beautiful qualities and the world is much better off because of this kind of empathy and compassion.

However, in both twin flame and non-twin flame relationships, the offer to help can go pear-shaped, and the more the feminine tries to offer suggestions, reach out to her masculine, or take action on his behalf, the more he has a tendency to push her away.

This is partly to do with masculine conditioning in our society which only serves to reinforce the notion that men are ‘weak’ if they reach out for help and aren’t able to solve everything on their own.

In a twin flame dynamic, the masculine’s tendency to reject the feminine’s offer of help can often be extreme due to the energetic nature of the connection. Twin flames are so intimately connected that the core intention behind any action taken by one towards the other is felt on a deep intuitive level.

So in essence, your twin flame is like a living breathing lie detector who is tuned in to your core motivation behind everything you do. They can sense when your words and actions are coming from a place of ego or fear, much like you are able to do the same with them. With this in mind, it’s little wonder that it becomes a sh*t show when the feminine twin tries to offer advice or help to her masculine from a place of wanting to “fix” him in the hopes that he is then able to give her what she wants (usually a committed relationship) whether she fully realizes it or not.

This kind of “fixing” mentality derives from codependency which is one of the major shadow traits the feminine twin, in particular, must overcome throughout the journey. It’s also out of resonance with the frequency of unconditional love which is at the core of the twin flame connection, at least in the fifth dimension. Twin flames are here to work through and release their major fears, wounds, and illusions so they can embody the frequency of unconditional love here on the third-dimensional physical plane, and help uplift the planet in the process.

The masculine twin will often run away as soon as he smells even a slight whiff of codependency from the feminine which may then trigger her to chase him, resulting in him running even further. At this stage, there is nothing she can do but stop the chase and redirect her focus back to herself, even if it’s extremely difficult or painful for her to do so.

It can still be challenging for feminine twins to witness their masculine going through turbulent times and not being able to help even once she has largely overcome any codependency. By this stage of the journey, she is consciously aware that it is not her place to intervene, and that her masculine must learn how to navigate his own journey as part of his soul growth and learning.

By this point, she has developed and integrated a lot of her own divine masculine energy and therefore understands the importance of healthy interpersonal boundaries which not only serve to protect her from others but prevent her from overstepping the mark to try and save others. She has gained wisdom through her journey and now she knows that she must step aside and let her masculine fight his own battles no matter how difficult it is for her to witness him in pain.

At the end of the day, she has learned that she is not anyone’s personal Jesus, least of all her masculine. She knows that she must surrender any desire to help even if this means watching him make the same mistakes over and over so he is pushed to stand up in his own divinity and reclaim his authentic masculine power. She knows this because she too was pushed by her masculine to become the hero of her own story and stand up in her own beautiful fierce authenticity as the divine feminine super badass that she is.

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