Why Is This Happening? The Crazy Twists and Turns of the Twin Flame Journey

Many a twin flame has found themself scratching their head in utter bewilderment, pain and/or frustration at the sudden and often unexpected twists and turns of the twin flame journey that just don’t seem to make any sense.

A common example of this (particularly for feminine energy twins) is coming back into contact with their masculine energy twin after a period of silence, only for them to run again, or for the universe to intervene in some way which immediately creates another separation. This often leaves one or both twins in a state of confusion as to what the heck just happened. The aftermath of this can be feelings of sadness, loss, and abandonment, and/or rejection bubbling to the surface.

Another example is when twins are guided towards a particular path or new opportunity eg. a new job, a new friendship, a new relationship (with someone other than their twin), a new business opportunity, etc, only to find that it falls to pieces in a somewhat dramatic or challenging fashion. This kind of experience can often leave twins feeling like they are doing something wrong or that the journey is too hard and they don’t want to do it anymore. I’ve definitely been there myself, many times!

Whilst these situations can leave twins feeling hurt, exhausted, bewildered, confused, or frustrated (or all of the above) they are also the catalyst for some sort of healing to occur or a significant lesson to be learned. This is exactly what the twin flame journey is all about: soul healing and growth. It’s certainly not an easy path, but if you subscribe to the notion that we have lived many lives prior to our current incarnation, you may also believe that we signed up to have this experience as an eternal soul living in a human body on planet Earth.

I personally subscribe to this and have come into full acceptance that I consciously chose this journey knowing full well that the challenges I handpicked as a soul would help me rise like the Pheonix from the ashes and push me to become the person I am meant to be in this lifetime. It hasn’t been easy getting to this place and there are still times where I get frustrated with it all and want to throw in the towel, but overall I am committed to the path and plan on seeing it all the way through.

The main thing is for us to keep reminding ourselves as twins that almost everything we experience on our journey is deliberately designed to either trigger some healing or to teach us a particular lesson to advance our soul in some way. This is why a lot of things that happen seem to make no logical sense (and they don’t, at least from a mind perspective).

If you take the first example above of the masculine twin suddenly reappearing in the feminine twin’s life momentarily only to leave just as abruptly, this would make no sense to her on a logical and emotional level. She may be thinking, ‘how can this perfect beautiful love that feels like home be shown to me and then taken away in the blink of an eye?’ This is a very natural reaction from a human perspective, but from a soul perspective, it is an incredible opportunity for healing abandonment/rejection wounds which are often triggered as a result.

Twins are also frequently faced with a variety of different challenges within their connection that are uniquely designed, partly so that they can learn the power and longevity of unconditional love. Some examples include significant age gaps in twin flame couplings, opposing cultural or religious upbringing or beliefs, or difficulties in regards to gender identity and sexual preference. Again, if you look at it from a soul perspective these challenges provide unique opportunities for incredible healing and growth.

Yes, these things are difficult, painful, and exhausting to go through as a human being living on Planet Earth, and twins are entitled to feel like it’s all a bit too much sometimes. It’s okay to have days where you hate the journey and you wished you never signed up for it. That’s natural and very human. However, at the end of the day, we have to remember that our journey is our responsibility and that the path to ascension is a lattice and not a ladder.

It’s not a straight path upwards to enlightenment, there are many ups, downs, twists, and unexpected plot twists along the way. It’s all so that we can heal layers of wounding from previous and current incarnations and learn the lessons we need to learn in order to become the very best and most powerful version of ourselves. And if you ask me, despite all the pain, suffering, and heartache, there’s nothing more important in this life than that.

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