Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About Them? Some Common Questions on the Twin Flame Journey

There are several common questions asked by twin flames on the journey including, “how do I know when my twin is thinking about me?” and, “why can’t I stop thinking about them?” Given that so many twins report feeling really connected to their counterpart on every level, it’s understandable that these kinds of questions are often asked.

It does seem a bit mind-boggling that we are told over and over that one of our main tasks on the journey is to detach from our twin when we can’t stop thinking about them, and we may also be picking up on some of their thoughts. On top of this, many twins often report being bombarded with signs that remind them of their twin, sometimes even multiple times a day.

These signs can include things like seeing their name repeatedly, seeing the car they drive, or meeting people that remind you of them. With all this going on it’s natural for you to think that you are ‘meant to be’ with your counterpart and that you must try and make it happen as soon as possible.

I have discovered through my own journey that what is really happening is that the universe is asking you to recognize, heal, and release all of your fears, beliefs, and wounds that have resulted in your unhealthy attachment to your twin, and is reflecting this back to you through your obsession. The more you heal and release layers of unhealthy attachment. the less intense these thoughts and feelings start to become.

Unfortunately, the more you resist the process of surrendering and letting go, the more you continue to feed the obsession and in turn prolong your own suffering. The irony is that this often results in the physical union with your twin slipping further away (especially if you are actively chasing- either physically or even energetically).

Similarly, obsessing over whether your twin is thinking about you also keeps you further suspended in a loop of unhealthy attachment. In layman’s terms, anything you’re doing that keeps you bound in repetitive thoughts about your twin only serves to keep you stuck in what I call the ‘obsessive twin flame merry-go-round’. This includes constantly wondering about what they’re thinking, feeling, or doing and perhaps even spying on their social media or asking mutual friends about them.

As mentioned above, there can be instances where you might actually be picking up on your twin’s feelings. This is primarily because twins are energetically connected so it makes sense that some thoughts and feelings may cross over from one to the other. This can be very confusing and a lot of twins report having difficulty distinguishing their feelings from those of their twins at these times.

In my experience, the best way to tell whether a feeling belongs to you or to your twin is how suddenly it came about, and whether there is any reason for it in the first place. For example, say you are just minding your own business having a nice time, and all of a sudden a feeling of intense sadness strikes you out of nowhere, this could very well be coming from your counterpart, especially if there is nothing going on in your own life that warrants it.

When this has happened for me, I have found that the feeling tends to swiftly evaporate just as quickly as it appeared as soon as you identify that it’s not yours. The issue that a lot of twins face is that they mistake the feeling for their own and get stuck in it for hours or even days which unfortunately can lead to prolonged emotional stress and suffering.

I understand that some of these trickier aspects of the journey make it feel like some big old cruel joke that the universe is playing on you. Trust me, I’ve had that very thought myself many times! I know it can feel like that, but I assure you that you’re not being played with and that all these things are happening for your highest good.

The universe doesn’t seek to punish or play tricks on us, it merely picks up on the energy we’re carrying inside and mirrors it back to us through our thoughts, feelings, and the circumstances that play out in our lives (which can be particularly intense on the twin flame journey).

The more darkness and shadows you heal, the more love and light can shine out from your heart which then starts to reflect back to you in your physical world.

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