When Will I Be Healed Enough? The Search for Union on the Twin Flame Journey

If you’ve been on the twin flame path for some time, you may have wondered how much more healing you have to do in order to be ready for sacred union. This is particularly the case for predominantly feminine energy twins who tend to more consciously aware of the connection than their masculine energy counterpart.

It’s definitely true that a large part of the journey involves releasing repressed emotions and becoming more spiritually aware. However, what is arguably even more important is our underlying intention behind doing ‘the work’.

Let’s be honest here.. the majority of feminine energy twins often start doing their healing work with the sole motivation of getting back together with their counterpart. I was definitely in this boat for several years, and sought the help of numerous coaches, readers, therapists, energy healers, and shamanic practitioners.

At the time, I had successfully convinced myself that I was doing it purely for my own healing, self-development, and spiritual growth. It wasn’t until I went to an ayahuasca retreat that spirit revealed my true motivation through plant medicine.

In one particular ceremony, I was lead into my subconscious where my ego was running amuck. I was bombarded with my own deep-seeded self-centered thoughts coursing loudly through my mind, “I want union now! You better give me what I want because I’ve worked so hard and you owe it to me!”

I desperately tried to escape but the plant medicine kept pulling me back. As I lay there in a pulsating sweaty mess of ego-driven needs, wants, and desires spirit gave a glimpse of how it might feel if I allowed myself to let go of my attachment to a romantic outcome, which I fought with every inch of my being.

When I finally surrendered, I felt what can only be described as a state of complete inner peace and contentment accompanied by a sense of tranquility, and an easy-going mindset. In this state, nothing outside of me could affect my inner sense of wellbeing and calm. For someone who has struggled with anxiety throughout my life, it was a huge sense of relief.

I realized that spirit was trying to tell me that if I allowed myself to let go of all the expectations I was holding towards my twin, I could experience this state of inner peace on a regular basis. Later on that night, I remember sitting outside looking up at the stars with tears of gratitude running down my face as I thanked spirit for giving me exactly what I had needed.

Having said all of that, there are definitely some things that need to be addressed before a twin flame union becomes a possibility. Deep core wounds to do with abandonment, rejection and fear of love/intimacy need to be mostly healed as these issues can cause havoc in a twin flame connection. A lot of twin flames carry these kinds of wounds from this life and from previous lives which is part of the reason we are here to release them.

However, the same principle still applies and as discussed above, our motivation for the healing becomes more important than the healing itself. For the most part, it’s okay if your initial motivation is to be with your twin, but you risk setting yourself up for major disillusionment and disappointment if you hold onto this motivation for the entirety of your journey.

In the majority of cases, the heavily desired outcome of the physical union doesn’t happen in the timeframe or way in which the feminine twin expects. I personally believe this is by design because one of the major lessons for us is that of letting go, and releasing attachment to our twin. What better way for us to learn this lesson than to not get what we want when our ego wants it!

If you’re finding it really hard to detach from the motivation to heal just for the sake of attracting union with your twin, try not to beat yourself up too much. If you are aware of it, this is half the battle because whatever we deny and repress just gets squashed further down into our subconscious and ends up influencing our choices and behavior in unconscious ways.

At the end of the day, the fact that you are undertaking this journey at all is an amazing feat. It can be a tough tumultuous ride with many different challenges, difficulties, and plot twists. You are a warrior of strength and courage and the universe appreciates your tenacity to no end.

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