About Me

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. My first degree was a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Gender, Sexuality and Culture at the Australian National University.

This degree taught me the extent to which we are moulded by limiting societal conditioning, and the damage this inflicts on our sense of self worth, community and relationships.

From there I attained my qualifications in counselling and social work, and I now have over ten years of experience helping clients with mental health issues, suicide prevention, grief and loss, relationship problems, post war PTSD, drug and alcohol addiction and family violence.

My true passion is helping people connect with their soul to live from a place of joy, unconditional love and purpose. This mission transpired as a result of my own awakening journey which I began over five years ago, after I left a long term relationship that was no longer serving me, and moved to the city of Melbourne.

It was here in the the cultural capital of Australia that I started to uncover who I really am beneath the mask that I had been taught to wear by society in order to “fit in.”  I began to express these issues through my writing and photography.

It wasn’t until I met my twin flame in 2016 who completely turned my life upside down that my awakening accelerated at breakneck speed. It was the most powerful, deep and gut wrenching connection I had ever experienced, and it struck me to the core of my being.

The beginning of the relationship was intense – we were in our own bubble of unconditional love, passion and deep soul recognition. The connection was brutally disrupted when my twin flame suddenly ended the relationship, which triggered my core wounds of abandonment and rejection.

What followed was a deep soul purification and awakening process in which all of my fears, wounds, illusions and conditioning were brought to the surface to be recognised, healed and released. These were the deeper wounds and painful experiences that I had repressed for many years and went as far back as childhood.

During this process I enlisted the support and guidance of several practitioners and healers, utilising a range of healing modalities such as plant medicine, psychotherapy, sound work, energy healing and guided meditation.

Whilst it has been a painful journey, it has also been extremely beautiful. It has led to immense personal growth and has allowed me to access the long forgotten, deeper parts of myself that I had subconsciously hidden beneath soul destroying jobs, addictions and difficult relationships.

There are still days where I find myself getting triggered, and further issues come to light to be recognised and healed. I am now able to understand and integrate these experiences with much less pain and confusion. I am more awake than I have ever been before. I am fully committed to this path, and my life is much richer because of it.

I am fortunate to be at a stage where I am consciously choosing to live my life from a place of gratitude, acceptance, courage, joy and unconditional love. I have gained so much strength and clarity, especially around my sense of self worth, my unique talents and my life purpose.

This is what I want and hope for every person I work with. Let me be the one that helps to guide you on your own journey, and supports you along the way.

Sending you much love,