Commemorative Art


You are near, even if I don’t see you. You are with me, even if you are far away. You are in my heart, in my thoughts, in my life…always.



Commemorative art serves to preserve the memory of a loved one who has passed away and can assist with the grieving process. If you have lost someone special and you would like a meaningful art piece which captures the essence of their spirit, I can help.

Loosing a loved one can be a difficult and traumatic experience. We can feel a great sense of loss, heartbreak, confusion, anger or guilt during the grieving process. It can be very challenging to come to terms with as we grapple to understand that the person we once saw in close proximity now ceases to exist in our physical world.


Here are a few examples of pieces I have created 



My commemorative artwork can aid in the grieving process by providing a physical monument to remember your loved one which lasts forever. I produce paintings using acrylics on canvas but I can also create mosaic and textile works, particularly if there is an item of clothing or an accessory that you wish to be incorporated into the piece.

If you would like a commemorative art piece, please fill in your details on my contact page. I will email you promptly to organise the details (including the medium and size of the piece you would like) and provide you with a quote for the desired piece. I will send you the PayPal link once all the details are confirmed.