Vision 4 2020 Conference, 20-21st January Sydney Australia

Vision 4 2020 is all about collaboration, networking and taking your practice or small business to the next level!

We have something for everyone at this conference… for people in small business, private practice or allied health….

So… We have the following wonderful all-round speaker line up:

International online therapy expert, Philippa (Pip) Weitz

International author, speaker and therapist, Richard Hill

Help Now Group’s, Rodney Tatara-Stanton

Social Worker, Coach & Creative Therapist, Julia Lara Shay

Online therapy trainer, author, coach and therapist, Renee McDonald

Online Therapy and social media marketing trainer, Jonathan Van Viegen

Core Plus and Health Tech X founder, Yianni Serpanos 

SEMPI developer, clinical psychotherapist and modern-day practitioner, Alyse Price-Tobler 

Therapist, coach and professional marketer, Narelle Wallace

International online therapist, coach and career coach, Annette Eriksen

Coach and social entrepreneur, Margaret MacDonald 

…. plus …. in the face-to-face conference … we will have exhibitors that you can have personal conversations with about your needs in business… and some businesses who may be able to help you with getting work!

Get up close and personal with people who are in the know!

Ask questions of experts you’ve been dying to ask! Learn about new trends coming your way!

Have personal discussions with people you NEED to speak to, so you can set yourself up online or in-person…. or get support with extending your practice to the next level!

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