A playful photographic series exploring the journey to awakening 

The very act of living, of growing up can be a grave experience. Everyday people are living in a dark place, largely in silence.  How can so many people, in a rich country be living this way?

But there’s no time for that. No time for analysis, It’s too hard. Too many factors. Get over it or burn out. You look around. How have others dealt with the harsh realities of life? How has it affected them? Have they even seen it?

There’s a range of responses. A lot deny it. They say they can’t see it. Too busy looking up close and personal at their selfies.

Some become cynical, hard, embittered. It’s the way it will always be. Don’t try and change it. That’s life. Some manipulate power and say, I won’t let it be me. Some flirt with danger. It’s a game. Let’s try it out. Let’s risk our lives. Who cares?

Some burn out before they can get their balance: “I’m burning out and I don’t even know why. What’s happening?” Some just give up. It’s too hard. I can’t. I’ll just give up. Here and now. Let me die.

And some find their way back to hope. That strange thing we had as children. That strange thing we’re supposed to put aside to become adults. At first it might be a childlike thing. Idealistic. Ignorant. Born of fairy tales and children’s stories. That scorned and shameful thing we put aside, not to be spoken of in this hard world. Too shameful to admit to.

But for some, it grows and becomes something normal. No longer childlike, no longer fed on fairytales, but nurtured through sheer hard, gut wrenching experience.

Hope has gained equilibrium, resilience, knowledge and strength. It’s become natural, a way of being.

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