Julia is an incredible counsellor and has helped me so much in my personal growth and development. She has given me great life skills in which I have definitely seen improvements on. She has also guided me through some difficult times without feeling pressured or afraid to talk it out. Every one of our sessions have been extremely valuable – love that she also provides great reading recommendations!

Julia Lara Counselling & Coaching Client

Julia has been through a deep awakening, which can be seen in the way she understands the deeper aspects of life. Julia has a unique ability to understand the complexities that can arise through a spiritual awakening, which is directly passed onto her clients through her caring and passionate nature. When you work with Julia, you will feel heard, understood and will be given practical strategies to assist you through your life journey.

Shannon Bowman, Create Balance Psychotherapy & Counselling

 I hadn’t done any counselling before seeing Julia, so I was nervous but she made me feel at ease & comfortable right from the start. Julia exudes a kind & positive energy. She listens with empathy & understanding. Julia let me go at my own pace & offered insights that told me she gets it & she cares. Julia helped me work through my relationship issues & also gave me a better perspective of who I am & how it’s all connected. After each session I felt more positivity & clarity of mind. I highly recommend her services.

James, Julia Lara Counselling & Coaching Client

Julia has an exceptional way of encouraging individuals to tell their story, share their experiences and enables them to have a great understanding of their environment. Julia has shown individuals the importance of celebrating one’s journey and creating a lifestyle of happiness while doing more with less. Julia inspires people to embrace their fears, challenge mainstream thinking and reinforce the idea that “difference is good.” Julia embraces life like a mother embraces a newborn child. It is precious and we want to make sure we give it the best chance in life.”

George Nata, Altona Relationship Counselling